A feature that indicates that there is some remote feature that can't be represented entirely on a single Sequence.

Namespace:  BioSharp.Core.Bio.Seq
Assembly:  BioSharp.Core (in BioSharp.Core.dll) Version: 0.1.3191.26120 (


public interface IRemoteFeature : IStrandedFeature, 
	IFeature, IFeatureHolder, IAnnotatable, IChangeable


These are the sort of features that represent things like the horible Embl remote feature spans (such as AL24199:100..200). The method getRemoteFeature should return a Feature on another Sequence that properly represents the Location. This Seqeunce will often be an Assembly of the parent Sequence to this Feature, and the Sequence associated with the remote Location sequence ID. Thse Features are also applicable to the case when a portion of a Sequence is projected but some Feature overlaps the boundary of the projected portion.

Original BioJava version by Matthew Pocock and Greg Cox. Port to C# by Doug Swisher.

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