A helper class so that you don't have to worry about forwarding events from the IAnnotation object to the IAnnotatable one.

Namespace:  BioSharp.Core.Bio
Assembly:  BioSharp.Core (in BioSharp.Core.dll) Version: 0.1.3191.26120 (


[ObsoleteAttribute("Use new ChangeForwarder.Retyper(source, cs, Annotation.PROPERTY) instead")]
public class AnnotationForwarder : ChangeForwarder


Once a listener is added to your Annotatable that is interested in ANNOTATION events, then instantiate one of these and add it as a listener to the annotation object. It will forward the events to your listeners and translate them accordingly.

This will ease the pain of letting your Annotatable tell its listeners about changes in the Annotation.

Original BioJava version by Matthew Pocock. Port to C# by Doug Swisher.

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